Keep it Country - Yee Haa!
  Country Music Northern Ireland
Home Gigs Links Country Cuts Gallery Contact Us CLUB   AUGUST   SEPTEMBER   WEDNESD Y   CL UBS   FIDDLE & FIVE - STRING   RANDALSTOWN RUGBY CLUB, NEILLSBROOK   JIM, 07736586373   7 th   Ally Harron & Marian         Curry   4 th   Steve Farlow & Alastair         Coyles   WHITEABBEY C M C,    BRITISH LEGION, SHORE RD. WHITEABBEY   SHIRLEY 07761229056     14 th   Liam McLaughlin with            special guests Maudie  Agnew & Andrew McMurdie   11 th   Nial l   Patterson with            special   guests Michael  McSparron and Jordan  Mogey.   FRIDAY CLUBS   BROOKMOUNT DANCE RANCH   LOWQUARTERS ORANGE HALL, BALLINDERRY RD.   SHARON, 02892661559        2 nd   Stevie McVeigh          BCES Steak BBQ   Call Sharon to book tickets   14 th     (Saturday)            BCES Burger BBQ   BELSIZE CITY SLICKERS   LISBURN MASONIC, 11 BELSIZE ROAD   ASHLEY 07759213133            NO CLUB   6 th   Dusty   BOOTS & BUCKLES,    HILLSBOROUGH SOC. CLUB,   DENISE, 07793710311 or 07793710112     NO CLUB   13 th   In Harmony   FORT APACHE,   BALMORAL BOWLING CLUB   CHRISTINA / DAVY, 028 91463878    9 th   Dusty   13 th   Stevie McVeigh   HEARTLANDS COUNTRY KICKERS      LURGAN LEGION, UNION STREET, LURGAN   STEPHEN, 07771778806 or RACHEL, 07708922891   30 th   Heartlands   27 th   Heartlands   FORT APACHE,   BALMORAL BOWLING CLUB   CHRISTINA / DAVY, 028 91463878   30 th   Stevie McVeigh   27 th   Dusty   SATURDAY CLUBS   WILD WEST COUNTRY MUSIC CLUB   WEST BELFAST PIGEON CLUB, BOOTLE  STREET   HUGH, 02890742599                                3 rd   Darren Kieran   7 th   Good Luviní Duo     COLORADO,    ARDS RANGERS CLUB   HEATHER & MARTIN, 028 90410409   17 th   Heartlands   21 st   Stevie McVeigh   THE OUTLAWS,     MOSSLEY ORANGE HALL   MURIEL, 028 93364465   17 th   Band to be advised   21 st   Band to be advised.   BLUE RIDGE HONKY - TONK,      MOSSLEY ORANGE HALL        (LAST SATURDAY)   ROY, 07746566198                         (EVERY MONTH)   NO CLUB   28 th   Heartlands