Keep it Country - Yee Haa!
  Country Music Northern Ireland
Home Gigs Links Country Cuts Gallery Contact Us CLUB   DECEMBER   JANUARY   WEDNESD Y   CL UBS   FIDDLE & FIVE - STRING   R ANDALSTOWN RUGBY CLUB, NEILLSBROOK   JIM, 07854067978   5 th   Dave Lee & Friends   2 nd   Cowboy Larry & Friends   WHITEABBEY C M C,    BRITISH LEGION, SHORE RD. WHITEABBEY   SHIRLEY 07761229056     12 th   Gerard Dornan and special           guest John Glenn from           The Mainliners   9 th   Stevie Beckett   FRIDAY CLUBS   BROOKMOUNT DANCE RANCH   LOWQUARTERS ORANGE HALL, BALLINDERRY RD.   SHARON, 02892661559                  LISBURN, BT28 2QS   7 th   Stevie McVeigh          (Charity Night)   To be advised   BELSIZE CITY SLICKERS   LISBURN MASONIC, 11 BELSIZE ROAD   ASHLEY 07759213133            NO CLUB   To be advised   BOOTS & BUCKLES,    HILLSBOROUGH SOC. CLUB,   DENISE, 07793710311 or 07793710112     14 th   Stevie McVeigh   11 th   Dusty   FORT APACHE,   BALMORAL BOWLING CLUB   CHRISTINA / DAVY, 028 91463878   14 th   Dusty   11 th   Stevie McVeigh   CAJUN CRITTERS   RACQUETS CLUB, 36 BELFAST RD. LISBURN   JOHN & NOREEN, 02892667715    21 st   Stevie McVeigh         Party Night, Music & Fun     HEARTLANDS COUNTRY KICKERS      LURGAN LEGION, UNION STREET, LURGAN   STEPHEN, 07771778806 or RACHEL, 07708922891   28 th   Heartlands   25 th   Heartlands   FORT APACHE,   BALMORAL BOWLING CLUB   CHRISTINA / DAVY, 028  91463878   28 th   Stevie McVeigh   25 th   Stevie McVeigh   SATURDAY CLUBS   WILD WEST COUNTRY MUSIC CLUB   WEST BELFAST PIGEON CLUB, BOOTLE STREET   HUGH, 02890742599                                1 st   Steps        Christmas Dinner (2 course)        Tickets     10   5 th   Band to be advised     COLORADO,    ARDS RANGERS CLUB   HEATHER & MARTIN, 028 90410409   15 th   Heartlands   19 th   Stevie McVeigh   THE OUTLAWS,     MOSSLEY ORANGE HALL   MURIEL, 028 93364465   15 th   Stevie McVeigh   To be advised   BLUE RIDGE HONKY - TONK,      MOSSLEY ORANGE HALL        (LAST SATURDAY)   ROY, 07746566198                           (EVERY MONTH)   NO CLUB   26 th   Heartlands