Keep it Country - Yee Haa!
  Country Music Northern Ireland
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The Royal British Legion - Ballymoney Club Ltd. 11 Townhead Street, Ballymoney   Bands for 2017   Great music and dancing every Saturday night. Large dance floor. All welcome (cover charge). Contact 02827662519.
January 7th Liam McLaughlin 14th Privat Function 21st Barry Doyle Duo 28th Francis Donnelly
July 1st Liam McLaughlin 8th Double Take 15th Two Geri’s 22nd Trevor & Jenna 29th Sweet Dreams
February 4th Ed Fox 11th Michael Mawhinney 18th Tony Lindsay Duo 25th Country Features  
August 5th Brooke Boys 12th Niall McHenry 19th Housty 26th Thomas & Fhiona
March 4th Kenny Paul 11th Double Take 18th Tony Lindsay Duo 25th Sam O’Neill Duo
September 2nd Brooke Boys 9th Ally & Marian 16th Sam O’Neill 23rd Michael Mawhinney 30th Bespoke
April 1st Sweet Dreams 8th No dance 15th Thomas & Fhiona 22nd Niall Patterson 29th Brooke Boys
October 7th Two Geri’s 14th Barry Doyle Duo 21st Barry Doyle Duo 28th Country Features
May 6th Still Water 13th Barry Doyle Duo 20th Kentucky Country 27th Trevor & Jenna
November 4th Housty 11th Liam McLaughlin 18th Ed Fox 25th Kentucky Country
June 3rd Double Take 10th Bespoke 17th Double Take 24th Country Features
December 2nd Double Take 9th Sweet Dreams 16th Thomas & Fhiona 23rd Michael Mawhinney 30th Two Geri’s 31st New Yrs. Eve - Double Take